Petrochemical Insulation

CGB Humbertherm have vast experience of working on Petrochemical sites going back to 1974.

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Columns Dressed Off Site Steam Mains Column Insulation

Over the years we have carried out contracts for most of the major Petrochemical sites in the Humberside area such as Conoco Phillips, Total Lindsey Oil Refinery, BP Chemicals, Air Products and Novartis along with many other sites throughout the UK.

The work that we have carried out has included major plant expansions, projects, maintenance and plant shutdowns sometimes as a specialist insulation contractor and at other times as part of a multi disciplined team incorporating the provision of access scaffolding and paint coatings.

We also have wide experience of working in pharmaceutical and liquid gas plants where often low temperature and cryogenic insulation is required which is critical work that requires the special skills that our workforce have.

In recent years there has been more emphasis on the prevention of CUI (corrosion under insulation) and this is an area of work that we have developed insulation specifications and practices in conjunction with our clients, often bringing in new materials and methods of working.

Even experienced and qualified insulation operatives are not often trained in CUI techniques which are developing all the time and we like to think we are at the forefront of this in training our men for specific requirements.

We have long term experience of and are able to design, supply and install insulation systems to:

The insulation types that we have most experience in are: